Budgetographer: Angela Michelle Perez.

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Budgetographer: Angela Michelle Perez. 

    Occasionally I'll tell you about photographers who inspire me, while living the budget lifestyle. Photographers who beat the odds, and create beautiful work with budget equipment. These photographers know what the hell they're doing, push the limits of their equipment, and serve as an inspiration to all of us who operate on a budget. 

Hopefully you'll be inspired as well by some of these featured photographers.

Meet our first Budgetographer, Angela Michelle Perez.


     All of us have our own reasons to shoot on a budget. Personally, I've identified my needs, and know that lower priced equipment can meet them, and as a full time student, I kinda like to have dinner on my table. 

     Angela: "I shoot on a budget because when I picked up photography I already had a family and many bills and no extra money to support such an expensive hobby. So in order to do what I love I work with whatever I can get my hands on. At one point I was able to save up for a few years and get somewhat decent equipment but it got stolen and I had no insurance at the time so I had to start up again from nothing. Saving is almost impossible in my household, living paycheck to paycheck. So in order for me to make photography work I have to find my ways around it and cut corners." 

     Very admirable dedication, having to start over from scratch is hard work, I've done it myself back in the film days, and it took me a few years to get back on my feet. Let's see what she's using now. 

     Angela: "Currently Canon 30D with grip, 35-80mm lens, 2 Flashpoint II 150watts monolights, Flashpoint Softbox with grid, Flashpoint Umbrella, 4 color gels, 2 cheap Impact stand, 1 roll of grey seamless paper, and a Savage port-a-stand." 

     Nothing fancy, everything mentioned is considered the bottom rung of the photographic ladder, and most people couldn't imagine shooting this stuff with it, but damn, have you seen her work? What are her experiences with pro level gear? 

     Angela: "At one point I owned the Canon 70-200mm F4L to me that purchase was expensive for 1 single lens but in reality it is Canon's lowest priced L series lens. The lens blew me out of the water. I was able to borrow a IS 2.8L version and I did not notice any difference in image quality. I actually felt the f4 was sharper, the only difference was the weight and I preferred the F4 because it was lighter. So don't be fooled by the price tag." 

     The 70-200 f4L is one of my favorite lenses, I've rented it on a few occasions. For us on a budget, $600 is a stretch, but should definitely be one of the first lenses to consider when budget constraints allow. 

     I recently had a run-in with a client. I shoot with a 40D, and when the client heard, he threw a fit. Turns out, he just bought his high school aged daughter a Canon 7D which was "miles ahead of a 40D" At the end of the day, the images changed his mind. Angela hasn't had the issue with clients, but has had similar issues when dealing with peers. 

     Angela: "The only issues I have had so far is when I'm around other photographers, They don't take me seriously or think that my work can't be any good because of the equipment I'm using. But usually when I open my book they are proven otherwise. So far I haven't had a client questioned my gear, They usually see my website or my portfolio before they see what I am shooting with so most know that I will deliver the same quality. But I wouldn't be surprised if further down the road I will bump into a client who will questioned me regarding equipment." 

     Angela is a fantastic photographer, who creates beautiful fashion work, and is someone we can all look up to, I know I do. We're glad you're a Budgetographer, Angela.

Check out her work at her website: http://www.angelaperez.co.cc/ you'll be glad you did.