Work with what you've got - Apartmentstudio

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Work with what you've got - Apartmentstudio
     You've got to start somewhere, right? For me that has meant Basementstudio, Kitchenstudio and currently, Apartmentstudio.

     Similar results as a normal studio, while saving either $1500 a month, or $75 an hour? Sign me up!

    I cannot afford to support a full-time studio. I simply do not have the clientele to support one. So the options left to me are renting a studio, which generally costs $50-$75 per hour, or work with what I had. I went the route any photographer on a budget would go: Apartmentstudio!

     Does it have limitations? Yes. As shown above, there's too much bounce fill, so shooting high contrast with dark shadows is kinda rough, but turning the rig sideways, and shooting through the opening to the dining room  allows for much more space to the left and right, minimizing bounce, and increasing my options.

     I love shooting there. It's home, it's got everything I need, there's plenty of Diet Coke in the fridge, and on the off chance the model doesn't show up, I'm not out any money for a rented studio, and I just go back to the computer or TV.

    For what I shoot, it gives me what I need, and produces images similar to, or identical to what I would get at a full-time studio. I still rent a studio when my needs dictate, big clients, using studio resources I do not have on my own.

Previous to this, I shot in my downstairs living room. I had 11'x26' open space, so enough for seamless paper, three or four lights, I was able to have the model six feet from the background, and shoot from another ten to twelve feet (I like shooting longer lengths, 85mm or so for full body, etc)

identified my needs, and found that I could get what I needed, produce the images I wanted by utilizing resources I already had available. By working with what I've got, and making what I've got work for me, I'm able to push the limits of my equipment, grow and progress, while saving money.

Happy Shooting.