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Photography is an expensive hobby. However, it doesn't have to be. As I progress as a photographer, I've found more and more alternatives that produce quality images, at a fraction of the price. I believe that budget is often one of the most limiting factors in progression. More of a mental block, really.

"If a professional light kit is $4,000, there's no way I can get comparable results with a $50 flash!"
"Canon wants $2,500 for an L lens?! there's no way I can get great images with a $300 one!"

It's thinking like that that keeps people from experimenting, from taking that step and completely learning their equipment, and pushing it to the limits, which may end up surprising the user. I've seen absolutely mind-blowing results from a professional using an "outdated" Canon 300D with cheap, plastic 50mm 1.8 and a couple $40 Vivitar flashes.

On this website, I'll be writing articles on every cheap alternative I find, from cameras, lenses, lighting, modifiers, techniques, DIY, and everything else I can think of, along with featured photographers, both those who are just plain amazing, as well as those who showcase the fact that you can do anything you want with limited equipment.

Happy Shooting